“Tanti” Lorri is teaching jr. church in another church we started.

When you get to church it might look like this. This is the first church we started in Benin.

We sing some of the same songs you sing, like “Jesus Loves Me.”  However, we sing those songs in French or in the local language of Fon.  We teach the children a lesson from the Bible in French and another adult translates what we are saying into the local language.  The children will memorize a Bible verse.  We teach it to them by repeating it out loud many times. Most of the children do not have Bibles to bring to church. So, it is good for them to memorize verses from God’s Word. Please pray for the boys and girls in our churches as they are taught about God’s love for them and how they can accept Jesus as their Savior.

This is jr. church in one of our churches in Ghana. In Ghana, we sing in English and Dangbe.


Although singing in French and Fon, we  would sing familiar songs like: "Jesus Loves Me," "Fishers Of Men," or "Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord." 



Most people do not have cars so you would normally ride on your father’s motorcycle (moto). Can you find the six family members going to church on the moto?

Many of these children arrived at church on a moto. Others walked down a dirt path to get here.

What would it be like if you attended junior church with us in Africa?  Some things would be quite different than they are at your church.  Our junior church meeting is outside.  We might be under the shade of a big tree or under a lean-to to shelter us from the hot sun or rain. The children sit on straw mats on the ground or on simple wooden benches. There are always insects and lizards crawling around.  But that’s okay - the children are used to those things.  I can mention the bugs, lizards, banana trees, and many other things that are around us when I am teaching about God’s creation. I might point and ask the children, “Who created that banana tree?”

Here’s our jr. church Christmas program. In French, the way we say "Merry Christmas" is, "Joyeux Noel!"

Handfuls Of Purpose, Inc.

​       "And let fall also some of the handfuls of purpose..." ​Ruth 2:16

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First, your family gets ready for church and then you leave your house taking the family vehicle to church.


OK, let's go. Well, maybe we better leave Dallas at home. 



The jr. church was off to the side of the main church. There was a tin roof over our heads in case it rained.

How would you like to go to church with us in this village? Can you see the church’s well?

​​Going To Jr. Church In Africa In 10 Pictures



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