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​       "And let fall also some of the handfuls of purpose..." ​Ruth 2:16

Ladies preparing to distribute rice

The Food For The Hungry program has been a rewarding ministry. No question, the greatest need of any individual is the need for salvation by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Debbie and I have been privileged and blessed to have seen many lost souls come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ over these many years on the mission field. We thank God, too, that He has allowed us to have a part in “ministering to the saints” through the Frances Haley Food for the Hungry Memorial Fund. And we thank those who have given.

Food For The Hungry

It's through this fund that we are able to feed hundreds of people in West Africa. Your gift of love and compassion for this project will make a difference.

Food For The Hungry

Every time we step outside the gate of our house in Africa, we see extreme poverty. There are a whole lot of people who lack the resources to buy enough food to properly feed their family. Consequently, there are a lot of hungry people in the villages in which we minister. There is no government aid available to help them. These people really are hungry and in need.

Debbie always had a sack of food items set aside for those who showed up at our door asking for something to eat. Yet, through our personal Bible study God began to impress upon our hearts to do more. He showed us verses like *Matthew 25:35 - 40. Debbie and I began praying that the Lord would help us start a food program and give us wisdom to properly carry it out. After much prayer and research, the Lord gave us a plan. Everyone attending our churches would receive a portion of nutritious grains such as rice, beans, or corn. A family would receive enough food for several days.

With a plan formulated, our next step was to launch it in a timely manner. It was January 2013, and we were aiming to start the program a few months down the road. It was at that time that I received a call from my sister in the States informing me that our mom had gone to heaven. Colleen, who was making the funeral arrangements, postponed the funeral service two weeks to allow my brother Barry and me to return stateside from China and Benin respectively.

With our time in Benin now cut short, we felt it necessary to launch the food program immediately. I met with Pastor Guy to inform him that we were starting a Food for the Hungry program, and that we needed him to oversee it; Guy is a good administrator. Pastor Guy heartily agreed to help in that capacity. He then, at the point of tears, said to me, “Pastor Ken, you don’t know what a blessing this will be to our people, especially in the villages.” As Debbie and I listened to Guy explain the great benefits of this program our hearts were thrilled. I then said to Guy, “We are launching this program right away, but we don’t have the needed finances. God led us to start this program, therefore, we will trust Him to provide. James says, ‘ye have not because ye ask not;’ so, Guy, we are asking you to join with us in prayer that God will provide for the food.” There were three people in this world who had any knowledge of this Food for the Hungry program…Guy, Debbie, and I.

About two hours after that meeting with Guy, my sister called with further details about the funeral. She said, “Kenny, I have talked with our siblings and all agree that our mother would not want everyone spending money on flowers for her funeral service. And you know how much Ma loved Africa, so we were wondering if you had some special project need that people could give to in Ma’s name?" Thus, the Frances Haley "Food for the Hungry" memorial fund was born. Halleluiah, what a wonderful, speedy and clear answer to prayer!

God has faithfully provided for this food program. Provisions for this program are not factored into our monthly missionary budget. It is funded exclusively by individual gifts sent in for that purpose. One of the things we told our African churches is that if the money is there the food will be there, so keep praying. Because of God’s grace and the compassion of His people, we can report that our churches have never lacked in the provision of the grain.

*Mathew 25:35-40
35 For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: 36 Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me. 37 Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink? 38 When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? 39 Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? 40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.