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​       "And let fall also some of the handfuls of purpose..." ​Ruth 2:16

Hi, I'm Evie and I grew up in Benin. I'm seven in this picture. This is my school room. Those are my two sisters and my teacher.

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Hey kids, I got an idea. How would you like to learn a song in French? I bet you'd be good at it.

Just like kids in the U.S., kids in Benin love to sing -- especially songs with actions! Each week, during Bible Club time, we would sing many of the same songs you sing here in Sunday School and Children's Church. The difference is, we would sing them in French and in the African language of Fongbe. One of their favorite songs to sing is "Lis Ta Bible, Prie Chaque Jour", which is "Read your Bible, Pray Every Day." We would sing it in French, THEN also sing it in Fongbe. The youngest kids really loved that, because if they hadn't gone to school, they usually didn't speak French yet. Here are the words in French, so you can learn, too! First I'll write it how it's spelled in French, then I'll write it phonetically (that means using English spelling rules instead, so you know how to pronounce it). We'll sing it to the tune of               "I Will Make You Fishers of Men."

That's mom and my sister Rebekah singing "Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes, Clap Your Hands and Praise Him" in junior church



I love music, and since we needed a piano player for the churches my dad was starting, I taught myself how to play piano.



 Here I am singing my first solo in church.


Lis ta Bible, 
Prie chaque jour (3 times)
Lis ta Bible,
Prie chaque jour, 
Si tu veux grandir. (3 times)
Lis ta Bible,
Prie chaque jour,
Si tu veux grandir.

Phonetically - keep your "J"s soft

Lee ta Bee-bluh
Pree shack-uh joor (3 times)
Lee ta Bee-bluh,
Pree shack-uh joor,
See too vuh grahn-deer (3 times)
Lee ta Bee-bluh
Pree shack-uh joor,
See too vuh grahn-deer.





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